Analogue Noise Level Meter with Tripod Threaded Connection Wetekom

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Description : With this device, you can measure any noise sources very accurately and record them via the exit cinch bush (e.g. in offices, schools, factories...) The small handy device is also well suited to checking the acoustics e.g. of home surround HiFi systems, in acoustic irradiation of studios and halls. Sound is measured in accordance with the assessment curve A or C . A corresponds to the human hearing and at C almost all frequencies are assessed linearly. Further switching allows short and persistent noise sources to be examined. 7 measurement ranges from 50 to 126 dB Precision 2 dB at 114 dB Standard 0 dB=0.0002 bar distortion Vss Cinch output 1 Vss/ tripod threaded connection 1/4" Size 170 x 63 x 40 mm.

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Brand : Wetekom

Model Number : 33-2050

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