Natural Engineered Flooring Oak Herringbone Black Tea Brushed UV Oiled 15/4mm By 90mm By 630mm

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Description : Wood Flooring Type | Engineered Engineered flooring option is perfect, no matter which room in your home you're re-flooring. Engineered wood flooring is cleverly constructed so it doesn't expand and contract in the same way as solid wood floor. Made up of layers of different types of wood, it is topped off with solid hardwood, which means it looks just like solid wood but is more versatile. Hardwood Species | Oak This engineered wood flooring has been topped off with a solid oak lamella or top layer. What this means is that solid wood has been bonded on to the engineered core board. Oak is a wood that is known for its strength and long life. You can be sure by choosing this option that you're getting a strong and long-lasting product. Oak wood flooring allowed colour variation between planks which can vary from light to dark shades. Grade | Natural When wood is processed it is graded into one of four different categories: prime, select, natural or rustic. This grading process takes into account the number and the size of knots that are present in the wood, the consistency of the colour and the amount of sap naturally present in the wood. The Natural grade of this floor allows little sapwood, knots of varying sizes some mineral streaks, natural grain pattern and colour variation. Any knots, splits or imperfections might be filled by dark or brown filler. Finish | Brushed and UV Oiled Similar to oiled finish, the floor is coated in a protective UV Oil coating, but...

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